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Experience Tour 2017

Happy workers. Happy customers. It’s a virtuous cycle, where success creates success. The question is how do you tap in? It’s time to learn how leading organizations are creating an engaged, productive, and agile workforce. Join us as we unveil new Forrester research on the ROI of investing in Worker Experience, demo the “art of the possible” and give one lucky customer a Worker Experience makeover!


Human Resources


To deliver a great customer experience, your workers must be engaged, productive and agile. Join us to learn how leading organizations are creating world-class experiences for their workers – and how you can, too.

Information Technology


Today, technology drives both the worker and customer experience. Join us to see real-world solutions in action and discover what some of your peers are doing to support amazing experiences for their workers.



Join us as we share what great service organizations are doing to empower their workers with the collaboration tools and insights they need to eliminate friction and service customers “their way.”


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